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Since its inception in 2016, Dreamscape Architects has continuously strived to realise its design philosophy through its projects. The studio, led by two alumni from CEPT University, aspires to deliver design experiences that truly represent balance by bringing together nature and built form, juxtaposing the contemporary with the heritage, and finding the equilibrium between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Over the years, Dreamscape has become a melting pot of young architects and designers who are curious to explore the realms of modern design while being rooted in the foundational principles of architecture and our rich design heritage. Dreamscape’s home of operations is a studio that offers a conducive environment to nurture creative ideas, leading them to develop a wide-ranging portfolio in residential as well as commercial architecture and design solutions. Combining all these elements, our vision, our team, and our space has allowed Dreamscape to evolve into a studio that has successfully led to developing architectural and interior designing solutions for projects that truly capture the essence of aesthetics and functionality.

The Dreamscape Philosophy

Finding Balance Within Contrast

At Dreamscape, we love to stretch our imagination while being firmly rooted in our commitment to finding the right balance. A balance of nature and built form. A balance of cacophony and harmony. A balance of youthfulness and ageless elegance. A balance of the contemporary and the classic.

Meet The Founders

Aashna Desai:

The fascination with the world of architecture has driven her in each and every phase of her life. After completing her Bachelors in Architecture from Arvind Patel Institute of Environmental Design (IED), she stepped in for the Master’s degree in Urban Regional Planning with a specialisation in Housing from CEPT University while simultaneously working towards Dreamscape.

Suketu Shah:

With an impeccable understanding of habitat solutions, Suketu, just like his partner, completed his Bachelor’s in Architecture from Arvind Patel Institute of Environmental Design (IED). He completed his Master’s in Habitat Management from CEPT University and then started working on the crux of Dreamscape.

Epitomise the one who inhabits

We firmly believe that every space designing project should truly capture the essence of the people occupying it. As a result, one of the key factors contributing to our studio’s philosophy is to interact with clients, ask them many questions, and identify their unique traits to integrate them into our design process. The result is a space that is perfectly aligned with not just what our clients need but also who they are.

While we have a design process that serves as a foundation for all our contributions to the project, we often depart from convention and take innovative measures to achieve the true personalisation of a project. To help our clients gauge the exact progress of their projects, our projects consist of multiple milestones from the beginning. We like to develop a bespoke approach for a project that ensures we not only live up to the design quality but exceed it!

Our Services


Dreamscape’s architecture services are a careful blend of form, functionality, and aesthetics while ensuring that each space represents its inhabitant as well as our studio’s creative imagination, making every project completely distinct.

Interior Design

Interior design is an aspect of our services that gives us a unique sense of purpose as we would be designing a space that our clients will look at and interact with daily. Our interior designing services aim to bring together our clients’ tastes, our perception of space, beauty, and utility.


Where the symphony of nature meets the canvas of imagination, Dreamscape's landscape services weave poetry into the fabric of outdoor spaces. Guided by our philosophy and creativity, we, at Dreamscape are adept at crafting visually appealing yet highly functional landscapes that transcend the mundane and add a creative edge to our projects.

Our Team

Shreya Shah

Yash Mahajan

Farhan Sipai

Priyanshi Kachhara

Kunj Patel

Ayush Golchha

Mann Patel

Akshil Chandaria

Anchal Qumara


Darshan Shah
Prachi Patel
Hetvi Mehta
Halima Panja
Khushi Radadiya
Disha Shah
Anshu Budani
Aayushi Darji
Prakriti Mittal
Taiyeba Masalawala
Vallari Rajsuba
Kunjal Sanghvi
Rushabh Shah
Salma Sutterwala
Dhruvi Sheth
Kajol Gagnani
Meet Panchal
Maitri Udani
Shweta Devnani
Shailly Patel
Dhruvin Shah
Kanisha Shah
Trusha Vaghela
Gaurang Jethva

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